A summer in a typical Spanish village, going back to our origins

A summer in a typical Spanish village, going back to our origins 

This year 2020 had to offer something good since not everything is going to be confinement, virus, endless homework and home made bread and cakes. This summer, We are going back to
our Village!!
This sentence is dedicated to Lucía and Paula, two little friends who adore Segura and are always hoping to come and visit us as often as possible.

Coming to the village and in our case, coming to Segura de León is seeing family and friends again, wandering the steep streets discovering, as if it was the first time, the secrets places
that Segura hides at the end of every street or corner. From very far away we can discern the castle and so when we are approaching Segura, something moves in our inside, a feeling that is difficult to express and that fills our heart of joy and that moves us.

What does Segura have? That Santiaguist Castle, the Parish Church that for us it is a symbol of special moments such as weddings or first communions celebrated with family and friends.
Segura means celebration, friendship, happy memories and reencounters.

This year is going to be happier since apart from the Segurenian inhabitants that are living away, a lot of tourists are visiting us to enjoy the quietness and richness of Segura de León. What
can we offer to those tourists coming to Segura and staying in our Rural House? They are going to enjoy an unique experience not only because our house but also because of the surroundings. With the official touristic visits they can learn about our historical and artistic history; and besides, they will enjoy our gastronomy and ecological products made and grown in our area. Everyone knows the Spanish Ham, Chorizo, Grilled Meat…. but we cannot forget the products from the vegetable gardens so typical and tasteful at this time of the year: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers,
watermelons…. A pleasure for our senses!!

But, do you know what is the best thing that Segura can offer to the tourists? Our company, our readiness to help and show the best of our village and our traditions. Tourists can enjoy the cool
at night sitting outside chatting and observing the sky, full of thousands of stars. They can even help the Berberiscan Lady (a legend of our castle) to count the stars. Segura is legend, history,
gastronomy, tradition and a charming village awaiting the tourists that are visiting us this summer.
We are waiting for you!!!

Fotos from Santiago Jaramillo, a lover of photography but above all a lover of his village, Segura.
Fotos cedidas por Santiago Jaramillo, un segureño amante de las fotos y de su pueblo, Segura.

Blog entry by Isabel Garduño Carmona, co-owner of Casa Rural Castillo de Segura and a
lover of Segura de León, the secret corner that we should all have.

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  • Calle Castillo 46, Segura de León (Badajoz)
  • 658493861
  • 658493797


  • Calle Castillo 46, Segura de León, Badajoz
  • 658493861
  • 658493797